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Axelle Parker – Couch sex scene

Today Axelle is home alone and she really doesn’t know what to do. After a tidy up the house session, she made something for dinner but what else to do? Cause she is not in the mood to watch TV, she needs something a lot more interesting and exciting. So she decided to asked for one of her fuck buddies to come over and have some fun together, cause, let’s admit, Axelle is the type of the babe that all men wanna have fun with. Of course that this guy accepted in just a blink of an eye and he came in such a hurry to pump her pussy once and for good. As soon as this guy came in, they jumped in the couch, their clothes were flying around into the living room, cause they were too damn hot and horny to waste any more time on stupid things. axelle-fucked-on-the-couch

Axelle was down on her back, with the legs wide open, just to be able to receive that long awaited proper pounding she was looking for the whole day. This guy really knows how this deal should be done, so he will take one of her legs and put it up, on his shoulder, just to be sure that he will have enough access there, to Axelle’s honey sweet pussy. Stay tuned for an extra video, right after this one, to see what other kinky things are these two going to do after this super hot hammering session! Also you can visit blog and watch other gorgeous babes getting hammered!

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